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I had a good laugh the other day when I saw my coach sporting his “brand-new state-of-the-art” bottle. Essentially he grabbed an old plastic throw-away water bottle
Last year I had the pleasure of coaching a lovely triathlete on the East Coast for her return to IM Canada (she had unfinished business there, and we took
I’ll admit, I use Trader Joe’s reusable grocery bags for more than just groceries. One serves as my purse, yes for real, and up until recently I
I visit my local farmer’s market once a week. I don’t buy everything there–that’d be a little difficult–but I know that there are certain foods we consume
OK folks, I don’t know about you but I’m experiencing another “hazy” Monday morning after some tough training over the weekend! So let’s ease into the week
Hey folks! So I know I set the deadline for the race entry giveaway for Wednesday, and you’re probably waiting for a result, huh!? Well, trust me,
Having an effervescent electrolyte tab in my bottle is a no-brainer for many of my workouts. Despite what “they” say, we don’t always need carbs and sugar
Happy Monday! I’m chowing down on a post-swim “mega” salad right now with two of my favorite ingredients: avocado & sardines! Mmmm!!! Love me some good fat.
Welcome to the new Newsletter! In this first edition, I want to tell you about what this newsletter will include. I’ll also tell you how you