I recently did an interview for the L.A. Leggers newsletter and wanted to share here. Thanks to author Greg White for the opportunity to get my message
When I was in grad school I was at the peak of my triathlon-obsessed days, and it always saddened me that I had to dig so deep
In my last post I mentioned it takes a long time to build fitness and you can’t expect overnight results nor a coach to work magic for
A longtime athlete of mine recently sent me some race stats from a sprint triathlon he’s done three times now. You can see the data in the
The old traditional rule says that you should never increase running volume more than 10% each week, particularly if you are a novice runner. Well a new
This one goes out to my local peeps! Where you at?! Haha. I’m excited to announce I’ll be doing a bike clinic for the folks putting on
Having an effervescent electrolyte tab in my bottle is a no-brainer for many of my workouts. Despite what “they” say, we don’t always need carbs and sugar