This “bowl of yum” is a quality, nourishing, easy-to-make and easy-to-digest meal to have before a long workout or race. This concoction burns clean, keeps you metabolically efficient (i.e. using fat for fuel), and still gives you the carbs you need to perform well and not bonk… because we don’t always want to run on empty, we want to preserve health, and we want to perform optimally!

Confused on how UCAN has carbs yet keep you able to burn fat? UCAN is metabolically different than other carbs like potato. It would technically still count toward carb intake but those counting their macros realize that it keeps insulin low. However, even if you choose not to count UCAN as part of your daily carb intake because it 1) doesn’t cause a rise in insulin nor 2) inhibit fat-burning (people can remain in ketosis while using UCAN), you wouldn’t have the worries of going “too low carb” with UCAN since it is still a carbohydrate that’s giving you glucose (unlike fiber). UCAN is a little more difficult to quantify exactly how to counts in your macros it since it’s a unique ingredient, but like Jeff Volek said when asked this question, “You can eat more carbs if they’re coming from Superstarch.”


Chia Seeds 1 tbsp
Non-dairy Milk 1/2 cup
- Coconut milk or homemade almond milk preferred
Filtered Water 1/2 cup
Mt. Capra Deep 30 Strawberry Splash Protein 1-2 scoops
- Use Vital Proteins equivalent for a lighter protein if you have trouble digesting
L-Glutamine Powder 2-5 grams
- This is a gut saver!
Finely Shredded Coconut 1/3 cup
- May need less
Cinnamon 2-3 tsp
Himalayan Pink Salt pinch
- Add more if you lose a lot of electrolytes


Add chia seeds to ½ the liquids in your serving bowl and let soak for at least 5-10min.

Add the rest in order of ingredients listed. Use fork to avoid clumping, or in a shaker bottle with mixing ball add the other ½ of the liquids, UCAN, protein powder and glutamine, and shake to mix well for no clumping, then add that to the bowl with the rest, and mix again.

For “sensitive” tummies, have half this pre-workout and half after along with a well-balanced meal.

UCAN Porridge

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