In one sentence, how does Coach Tawnee define her coaching philosophy? “I’m helping athletes avoid the ‘fit but unhealthy’ syndrome, and kick more ass in life and sport.”

Coach Tawnee, MS, CSCS, CISSN, is one of today’s leading experts in endurance sports, triathlon, running, sports nutrition, and athlete wellness. She has a master’s degree in exercise science, is a certified sports nutritionist, certified strength & conditioning coach, and host of the top-rated sports and wellness podcast, Endurance Planet. With more than 15 years of experience in triathlon and endurance sports, including her own journey and coaching and consulting with many of athletes worldwide, she’s cultivated a unique approach to coaching that’s designed to make you not only a better endurance athlete but a better human by balancing sports performance, health and wellness.

Tawnee has two full-time coaching options:

Performance Endurance Coaching – Perfect for athletes who need a solid custom training plan and sports nutrition guidance, and who already have a good grasp on health and wellbeing, but still wants a coach who will be mindful of maintaining a strong baseline of health and holistic wellness.

Premium Holistic Coaching – This program combines endurance sports coaching and health coaching all in one! it’s perfect for athletes who need more in-depth care beyond daily custom workouts and want to achieve better health, diet, stress management and overall wellness. The holistic approach saves you time and money from having to build a team of multiple coaches.

Contact Tawnee directly for more info, availability and pricing.

Also Available:


Tawnee also offers custom consultations fit to your needs whether health issues, female-specific needs, nutrition coaching, fitness assessments, planning a season or a little bit of everything… Most athletes who utilize consults have a specific health or nutrition issue that they want to tackle with Tawnee, and it’s ok if you’re already working with another coach or have a training plan of your own! She has basic consult and holistic consult options to fit your budget and desires!

Contact Tawnee directly for more info, availability and pricing.