Coach Tawnee, MS, CSCS, CISSN, is one of today’s leading experts in endurance sports, triathlon, running, sports nutrition, and athlete wellness. She has a master’s degree in exercise science, is a certified sports nutritionist, certified strength & conditioning coach, and host of the top-rated sports and wellness podcast, Endurance Planet. With more than a decade of experience in triathlon and endurance sports, including her own journey and coaching many of athletes worldwide, she’s cultivated a unique approach to coaching that’s designed to make you not only a better endurance athlete but a better human by balancing sports performance, health and wellness.

If you don’t need full-time coaching (or maybe you have a coach) and just want to hone in on some specific issues with Coach Tawnee, a custom consult is the way to go. Consults are pay-per-session format and can cover any of your needs and/or a combo of needs. She offers “basic” and “holistic” consults for nutrition coaching, training, health coaching (hormones, gut, HPA axis, female health, etc.), the specific needs of athletes, and more.

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Holistic Endurance Coaching

Want to go the next step? Full-time holistic coaching is open to all triathletes, runners and endurance athletes worldwide.

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