I recently did an interview for the L.A. Leggers newsletter and wanted to share here. Thanks to author Greg White for the opportunity to get my message
These days, it seems a lot of times when I get inquires from athletes I sense a lot of fear and skepticism in their emails that I
When I was in grad school I was at the peak of my triathlon-obsessed days, and it always saddened me that I had to dig so deep
“Thanks to Tawnee’s cutting-edge coaching theories and approach, along with her nutritional advice (including her in-depth grocery lists, guide to fats, info on becoming fat-adapted, etc), and
We’re doing things different with this post! I’m opening up this newsletter for a guest post written by the intelligent and talented athlete, Milly Wade-West, with whom
A longtime athlete of mine recently sent me some race stats from a sprint triathlon he’s done three times now. You can see the data in the
Coaching is not just about performance. It’s about changing lives.  Last fall I started coaching a dear friend who I’ve known since the first day of high
Hey! It’s been a while since I posted on here, so what better way to get back at it than with some good news? This season my
Last winter, life came full circle when my former high school volleyball coach, Michelle Kyman, contacted me about wanting to get into triathlon. She was in the
After much hard work, I’m so excited to share the brand-new custom-designed Coach Tawnee cycling and triathlon kits, which are now available to purchase!