Interview for L.A. Leggers Run Club

I recently did an interview for the L.A. Leggers newsletter and wanted to share here. Thanks to author Greg White for the opportunity to get my message out. I hope you enjoy! 

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No Cookie-Cutter Plans From This Coach

These days, it seems a lot of times when I get inquires from athletes I sense a lot of fear and skepticism in their emails that I am going to be one of those coaches who dishes out cookie-cutter programs, ignores their individual needs and falls off the radar with communication after the first month or so. I’ve had athletes tell me how they “caught” a previous coach giving the exact same workouts to various athletes. It makes me sad that apparently many coaches are doing this and making athletes become skeptical. I don’t blame athletes; I would hate to feel like I’m being treated as an anonymous person in a coach’s roster, or worse, feel like I was duped or ignored while sending this person money! So I can understand why an athlete would want to ask a lot of questions up front (and I encourage it!) to make sure they’re making a smart decision on a coach. I love the questions, as you’ll see below.

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5 New Studies For Endurance Athletes To Check Out

When I was in grad school I was at the peak of my triathlon-obsessed days, and it always saddened me that I had to dig so deep for peer-reviewed research specific to triathlon, ultra, and other endurance sports. It was there, but sparse and nowhere near as relevant as research surrounding traditional sports—football, baseball, etc, and strength training.

Fast forward to now, and it’s refreshing to see multiple studies coming out on triathlon, ultra and other “more obscure” endurance sports topics. In particular, The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research by the NSCA is rocking it. A couple weeks ago I woke up to the latest issue with a few new studies that were directly relevant and significant to endurance sport, and a few more than have their place for triathletes and runners.

We discussed three of the studies in the new ATC 202 podcast, if you want the verbal commentary featuring Lucho and yours truly, and below are my notes that recap the main points for ya’ll to get the bottom line and the takeaways, as well as notes on a couple other studies I enjoyed:


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Real Athletes, Real Results: Fat-Adapted and a New 70.3 PR

“Thanks to Tawnee’s cutting-edge coaching theories and approach, along with her nutritional advice (including her in-depth grocery lists, guide to fats, info on becoming fat-adapted, etc), and of course her wonderful recipes she has sent along the way, I was able to transform my body from a carb-hungry sugar-burning monster into a lean, mean fat-adapted machine! I have come such a long way nutritionally speaking and I look back at where I was just one year ago, and I cannot believe the vast improvements in both my nutrition and performance, as well as the well-being of my son. He and I now cook together and he’s adopting healthy habits at a young age.”


Kim, on the left #240, looking lean & mean!

A little “case study” of the fat-adapted+MAF training approach in action and working for long-course triathlon. This data is on an athlete I’ve now been coaching for more than a year. When he came to me and I knew I had my work cut out. Bring it.

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Why Consultations May Be Your Best Bet (& Guest Post)

We’re doing things different with this post! I’m opening up this newsletter for a guest post written by the intelligent and talented athlete, Milly Wade-West, with whom I’ve had the pleasure of working. Actually, I’m not coaching Milly full-time, instead we do regular consultations (and have been since last year). Consultations are a great idea if you don’t need full-time coaching but you still need an expert to help guide your training, provide feedback and suggestions, be that objective voice of reason, and so on. (Consults may also save you money!) If you’re self-coached, good on ya, but even I know from experience that we all sometimes need to step outside our own head to make sure we’re doing things “right” and not being stubborn in our subjective viewpoints.

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Getting Fit: It Takes Time

A longtime athlete of mine recently sent me some race stats from a sprint triathlon he’s done three times now. You can see the data in the chart below. It shows his splits from those three years from 2011 to 2014; the most recent race was just a few weeks ago. That chart inspired this post, as there are multiple awesome conclusions I draw from this data that all lead to one big message: Read more…

Guest Blog: One Athlete’s Journey from ‘Overweight and Unhealthy’ to ‘Fit, Confident Runner’

Coaching is not just about performance. It’s about changing lives. 

Last fall I started coaching a dear friend who I’ve known since the first day of high school and to this day we’re still very close. Needless to say, I know her extremely well, but taking her on as a coaching client didn’t mean I’d been any less “tough” on her (with the best intentions for her success, of course).

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Great Weekend for My Crew!

Hey! It’s been a while since I posted on here, so what better way to get back at it than with some good news? This season my team of athletes are rockin it so far. We’re halfway through the year, and it just seems like one PR after another!

Personally, I’m still healing from my broken wrist (read about it here if you didn’t get the scoop), so I can’t race in any triathlons right now. Makes me sad, but that’s the great part about my job — I can support my athletes and be their cheerleader!

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Athlete Spotlight: Michelle Kyman, Volleyball Star Turned Triathlete

Last winter, life came full circle when my former high school volleyball coach, Michelle Kyman, contacted me about wanting to get into triathlon. She was in the market for a coach Read more…

Custom Coach Tawnee Cycling and Triathlon Kits Revealed!

After much hard work, I’m so excited to share the brand-new custom-designed Coach Tawnee cycling and triathlon kits, which are now available to purchase!

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