Coach Tawnee is a multimedia specialist: Endurance planet podcast host and owner, writer and speaker… and sometimes she even gets behind the camera for videos.

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Podcast Host/Owner

Tawnee Gibson was the first female to host an endurance sports podcast when she stepped behind the mic in 2011 as host of Endurance Planet. The show preceded Tawnee, but since she took over it’s grown to become a top-rated podcast on iTunes, and in 2014 she took over ownership. EP cover triathlon, running, ultra and athlete wellness and reaches a worldwide audience. The content helps athletes actualize their dreams while providing enjoyable entertainment along the way.

Tawnee’s also featured on the cover of this issue of 3/GO (far right).

We cover cutting-edge information on wide-ranging topics such as sports nutrition, training and racing, sports medicine, triathlon news, health and wellness, fixing one’s health, as well as interviews with athletes of all types from pro/elite to amateur. Many shows are in Q&A format, allowing listeners to write in and get expert advice from Tawnee and her team of co-hosts, who are leading experts including Dr. Phil Maffetone, Tim “Lucho” Waggoner, Ben Greenfield, and new special guests each month. You can always expect two new shows of EP each week. To submit a question, click here. Endurance Planet can be found on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook.


Tawnee often speaks at endurance sports events, local triathlon clubs, fitness groups, and athlete meetings, usually on the topics of endurance sports, training for triathlon, health, wellness, nutrition, strength and conditioning and more. To have her speak at your next event, contact now.

Tawnee also travels for media and race reporting, including covering the Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii, which she’s done annually since 2009. Want a taste? Check out this video from here 2013 adventure in Kona, and this blog recap. Additionally, Tawnee frequently can be found speaking at events including triathlon club meetings, sports clinics, wellness gatherings and more. Contact Tawnee here to have her speak at your next event!


Before she was a coach, she was a writer and editor. Nowadays, Tawnee passionately combines her background in journalism (BA from SDSU) with her studies in exercise science (MS from CSUF) to write on a wide range of relevant topics. With expertise and years of experience working in newspapers and magazines, as well as a deep knowledge of endurance sports, triathlon and health and fitness, Tawnee possesses a unique capability to write articles that are fresh, informative and interesting on everything in the endurance, health and fitness worlds. For example, topics may involve the latest research in exercise science, endurance sports, performance, training techniques, fitness gear, nutrition, athlete profiles, race guides and more. You can find her work various publications including Triathlete Magazine,, LAVA Magazine, 3/GO Magazine, Mud & Obstacle Magazine, Official Ironman Championship Programs,,,, local newspapers and more.

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Note: Tawnee interviewed all the U.S. triathletes who raced in London in 2012; links to those available by clicking above articles


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