equipment: Blender

Smoothie bowls take things to the next level. Instead of just sipping your creation from a cup, pour it into a bowl, top with additional goodies and dig in with a spoon! A smoothie that has something to chew on is literally more satiating. Optional toppings include unsweetened coconut flakes/chips, unsweetened cacao nibs, hemp seeds, pumpkin seeds, flax or chia seeds, raw nuts (cashews!), banana or plantain chips, or even pre-cooked sweet potato chunks for added healthy carbs.

This green smoothie is heavier on the veggies and fiber, while being just the right amount of sweet, creamy and satiating.

Optional Sweeteners

Honey 1 tsp
Low-GI Fruit 1 small handful


Blend well in blender.

Note: use stevia instead of honey or fruit for low-sugar diets. When omitting honey, remove 6g sugar from nutrition facts. Fruit toppings not included in nutrition facts.


Calories 489
Fat 29
Total Carbs 54
Fiber 20
Sugar 16
Protein 25

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