Due to Covid-19 and massive shutdowns worldwide, many of us now find ourselves suddenly and unexpectedly working from home. I’d like to help if at all possible
Many sports nutrition resources will tell you that there’s a “special window” after a workout in which you should refuel immediately, usually it’s a pretty small window,
As the health and fitness sphere moves toward becoming less carb-phobic, many of us are recognizing our need (especially as athletes) to incorporate more carbs. At first,
Tawnee recently featured the elite runner Tina Muir on Endurance Planet, where she shared her journey about getting her fertility back. As I was also dealing with
When a work conference brought me down to Mexico in the midst of Ironman training, I was terrified that accidental water consumption would turn long runs into
This is how I teach most my clients and athletes to dial in fueling, with an exception of a few with different needs. Only attempt diet and
As your training load goes up, so does your need for food (even if you’re fat-adapted!). What once kept you well-nourished and satisfied all day long is
This is a high-fat, very nutrient-dense day of eating, with moderate carbs and plentiful calories that can work well for many female athletes. Female athletes who are
As most of you know, I’m not a vegan, but I’m always down for trying new vegan recipes and implementing them into the mix. So for this
I found these facts fascinating and handy to know (especially #1); I thought you would too… 1. Sleeping on your right side helps activate the vagus nerve.