When a work conference brought me down to Mexico in the midst of Ironman training, I was terrified that accidental water consumption would turn long runs into
It’s summertime, and by now you’ve no doubt come across reminders and warnings to stay safe in the sun. Excessive sun exposure and sunburns are linked to
It’s pretty standard that in every dinner I make, I use more than one cooking fat or oil, sometimes up to four fats and oils in one
I found these facts fascinating and handy to know (especially #1); I thought you would too… 1. Sleeping on your right side helps activate the vagus nerve.
The following are some fun finds that I want to put on your radar. First let’s be clear here, I’m not big on buying a lot of stuff,
This time of year (early February) it’s pretty common to be thinking about future races. Races are great, but there are so many other adventures you can
… and ditch the gym membership stat! As a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, I feel confident that the below list of equipment covers pretty much all
January is a great time to reset the body, let go of past baggage, get over what didn’t happen, start afresh, end poor habits, adopt new healthier
Preface by Tawnee Our guest author for this post is Julian Abel, a 58-year-old medical doctor in the UK. Julian and I started working together this year
First off, check out our video with LPC co-founder John Gibson on “How to Do More and Live the Life You Want.” This is a complementary piece