You’ve spent months training for that big race, and finally cross the finish line. Grab the finisher medal, devour the post-race feast, maybe indulge in a few
How about that featured photo for the article – a throwback to racing with some of my athletes at the Desert Triathlon back in 2011! Sports nutrition
This is a high-fat, very nutrient-dense day of eating, with moderate carbs and plentiful calories that can work well for many female athletes. Female athletes who are
Last April, I spoke at a conference hosted by my friends at Inside Tracker the day before running the Boston Marathon. My speech was aimed at educating
The featured picture… worth a thousand words. That was 2013, the year we did Ironman Tahoe in the snow. Even though I had a DNF 90-something miles
This round we feature guest Matt Bach, an elite triathlete and Ironman champion, as we dive into more on men’s health for active guys—and what can go wrong
In this series, I’ll be covering five studies relating to gluten-free (GF) and low-FODMAP diets. These studies came on my radar thanks to head researcher Dana Lis,
This is another guest post from Bahrain-based endurance athlete Phil Solarski, who I coached full time for a year and now coach on a consultation basis. Upon working together,
There are plenty of ways to warmup before you hit the road for your run. In this article I’ve narrowed it down to some of my favorites,
Preface: This is N=1 data, not a scientific study, and reflects a custom training plan that evolved with the athlete as the season unfolded (no templates). So,