This is Coach Tawnee’s holistic inner circle community that is more of a “group coaching format” in order to reach more folks at a very affordable fee. At Life Post Collective, our mission is to empower you to live the healthy, fit life you deserve.

First-time members can check out Life Post Collective FREE for 30 with code “lpc4me” and after that it’s just $10/month to be a member—in which you get ongoing access to Tawnee directly, and all her resources.

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 A message From Tawnee:

As the host of Endurance Planet, coach to athletes worldwide, certified sports nutritionist and health & fitness expert, I’m constantly being asked for advice on how to live healthier, fuller life especially when it comes to smart eating habits, exercise, a clean environment and strong mind.

At Life Post Collective I offer years worth of information I’ve built on practical evidence-based and experienced-based ways to lead a healthy, happy life and perform your best—whatever performance means for you, it doesn’t have to just be sport. Life Post Collective is truly the full package for holistic wellness with the tools you need to build a richer, fuller life. Our resources and articles are backed by science and we’re here to give you the facts that matter for your wellbeing.

Plus, Life Post Collective is home to all my custom recipes that’ll keep performing as an efficient lean machine and feeling satisfied day in day out.

Life Post Collective features articles, videos, guides, forums, webinars and of course a kick-ass community contributing to the collective. Once you’re a member we also invite you to join a private facebook group to continue the conversation on health, performance, diet and wellbeing!

I’ll see you in the LPC!