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How about that featured photo for the article – a throwback to racing with some of my athletes at the Desert Triathlon back in 2011! Sports nutrition
This is how I teach most my clients and athletes to dial in fueling, with an exception of a few with different needs. Only attempt diet and
“Restriction” and “dieting” go hand in hand, or maybe you’re not dieting per se but you’re a restrictive eater. Either way there’s a common theme: We’ll deprive
An unfortunate side effect of being overly carb conscious or following a low-carb diet is fearing fruit. I was there at one point. I began to view
There’s been a lot of hype about the benefits of cold thermogenesis (15-20 minute soaks in very cold water) for physical and mental performance. The touted benefits
Understandably, many women start to worry if they look at the calendar, do the math and realize they’re faced with doing their big race during the high hormone phase.
As your training load goes up, so does your need for food (even if you’re fat-adapted!). What once kept you well-nourished and satisfied all day long is
I was terrified of sharks when I started ocean swimming. I’d hear the Jaws theme song in my head when I drove down to the beach. I’d
This is a high-fat, very nutrient-dense day of eating, with moderate carbs and plentiful calories that can work well for many female athletes. Female athletes who are
As most of you know, I’m not a vegan, but I’m always down for trying new vegan recipes and implementing them into the mix. So for this