I don’t know about you, but I’m already thinking about the New Year and ways I can start it off on the right foot. Well, I have my first plan of attack scheduled, and if you live near or around me (Orange County/San Diego) I’d love to get you involved in the fun! What is this big plan!? An organic juice and raw food cleanse January 13-16, 2014 (four days; Monday through Thursday). I am doing the cleanse through my friends at Beaming, a San Diego-based raw food bar/juice cleanse company that’s making its way up the coast to Orange County, woo hoo!

Beaming_logo (1)I am really excited to be involved with Beaming, as I’ve tried their juices, foods, etc., and they certainly have great things going on. In fact, recently I did their One-Day “Reset” Cleanse, which you can read about here.

Anyway, now I’m stepping it up and doing Beaming’s Four-Day Cleanse Jan. 13-16, and I don’t want to do it alone! Four days of juice/raw food is certainly new territory for me, as it likely is for most of you out there, and rather than doing this alone I thought it’d be fun to get a good group of people together to embark on this adventure at the same time. We can keep in touch over those four days and just have fun with the experience while sharing all the positive results we feel along the way. What do you think?! Are you IN?!?! Share this with any local friends who may be interested too – more the merrier!

Here are the details below in the flier. Just comment on this post or contact me asap if you’re ready to sign up! (Note: There’s a good chance we will have my house in Laguna Beach as the pick up location, fyi…)

Also, if we get enough folks involved, we’ll get a discount 🙂

Beaming Cleanse with Tawnee - Jan 2014!


To your health,

Coach Tawnee